Police Beat: Sept. 16



Sept. 4 — An individual reported to an officer that items were taken from an unsecured backpack.

Sept. 4 — An individual reported an unsecured wallet taken from the area.

Sept. 11 Two bicycles were stolen from the bike racks. This is a common crime on BYU campus.

Sept. 11 — An individual reported an unsecured cellphone was taken from a restroom. The cellphone was located at the front desk area.

Disorderly conduct

Sept. 13 — An individual reported unwanted contact with another individual.


Sept. 8 — Officer responded to a report of an intoxicated man causing a disturbance near 1100 N. 100 W. When he arrived, the man had just driven his car from one driveway to another and was still in the car. He was arrested for DUI.

Sept. 8 — Officers responded to a report of a loud party near 1700 N. 800 W. When they got there, the kids scattered like cockroaches. They were caught and cited.

Sept. 9 — An Orem man gave his daughter his credit card so that she could get some gas. She got gas, and a whole lot more.

Sept. 9 — A business was burglarized. The suspect broke out the front window to gain access to the building.

Sept. 9 — Another business in North Orem was burglarized. The suspect in this one also broke out the front window to gain access.

Sept. 12 — An Orem man fell victim to the Secret Shopper Scam and sent out $2,000 in green dot cards. Police say the money will be hard to get back.

Sept. 12 — Shoplifters were cited after they were caught shoplifting.

Sept. 12 — An officer responded to a report of marijuana smell coming from a garage. The suspect was found smoking ditch weed. He was cited.

Sept. 12 — Undercover detectives served a search warrant at a home in Orem. The suspect was arrested as he pulled into the driveway. He was found to have distribution amounts of meth on him.

Sept. 12 — An officer stopped a car and smelled weed. The passenger admitted to swallowing the weed. The officer passed out several citations.




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