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While it may be easy to see that the bookstore is careful in its selection of music and DVDs, the same can’t be said for its book selection. While walking through the bookstore, I noticed a bookshelf with clearance stickers on most of the books. I was surprised at one particular shelf. There was the entire Game of Thrones book collection. Those less familiar with the books may be more familiar with the TV series, which is featured on HBO, a premium cable channel. The series is notable for its gratuitous sex, violence and normalizing such topics as incest and rape.

The books are the source of the content and feature the same content and more. I know the bookstore would never sell the DVDs of the show, but somehow it is OK to sell the books with the same content? There obviously isn’t a very strict screening process for which books get put on the shelves. I just find it hard to believe that a campus that doesn’t allow beards or caffeine would allow these sort of books, which are much more damaging. Perhaps the bookstore does know the content inside and that’s why they are 25 percent off. In the future, please do a better job at managing what finds its way on the shelves.

Matt Cowley

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