BYU fans got a taste of southern hospitality



“Best two out of three?” is a phrase you hear among siblings after something is lost during some sort of competition.

When Athletic Director Tom Holmoe announced a series with the University of Texas many Cougars marveled at the thought of playing such a lofty program.

Teu Keatau celebrates a win over the Texas Longhorns in Austin, Texas. Photo by BYU Photo.
Teu Keatau celebrates a win over the Texas Longhorns in Austin, Texas. Photo by BYU Photo.

This year the thinking was a little different.

“We’re just hoping y’all don’t do to us what you did to us last year,” said Longhorn fan Steven Oldham from Houston, Texas.

679 total yards? 550 rushing yards? 259 rushing yards from QB Taysom Hill?

Nah, there is no way that’ll happen again. Taysom for Heisman?

“Who’s Taysom Hill?” said Tim Fleet from Fort Worth, Texas.

“He did a good job last year. He went on to have a good season, which made me feel better about the loss… Offensively Taysom is going to have a real long day,” said Nino Corbett from Houston, Texas.

Fast forward a few hours and BYU has mounted a full on assault of Texas in their own backyard that almost ended in a shut out, something that hasn’t happened at Royal Memorial Stadium since 1976.

“[Hill] should thank us for [his Heisman consideration]. We’ve minted many Heisman Trophy Winners. RG III, for instance… But this year we have a brand new quarterback so you can return the favor by minting our new super star,” Oldham said.

Luckily, Tyrone Swoopes connected with John Harris on a 13-yard pass with 30 second left in the third quarter to put Texas on the board, its only score for the evening.

The Texas series as a whole raises a question: can the Cougars kick it with their big brothers in the Big XII Conference?

“Absolutely I’d be okay with that. I know a lot of Longhorn fans would love to see you guys join the Big XII. Y’all have a good clean program and play hard, good football.”  said Craig Chandler from Houston, Texas.

So, Texas, want go again? Best two out of three?

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