Procrastination affects more than grades


Many have spoken about the negativities of procrastination and the need for it to stop — I didn’t listen. I never felt the negative effects until recently when my workload increased. My health, social life, schoolwork and memories were affected harmfully. It’ll be the same for you.

My physical and mental health was affected badly. By putting off proper nutrition and exercise a person is prone to damaging effects on the body, like obesity. Procrastinators are also more susceptible to colds. Also, doing assignments last minute causes low self-esteem. When a person doesn’t have enough time to do their best they may think they’re inadequate, even if it’s untrue.

The sociality of a procrastinator is also affected. A person can’t live in the moment because they’ll be constantly stressed about their work. You may say you never feel guilty, but regret comes later. When you get to your assignments, there’ll be less time and more stress.

Schoolwork is also affected. Limiting the amount of time you need to do your best on assignments will give grades that don’t show your potential. Doing work ahead of time significantly increases grades.

Lastly, a person’s memories are negatively affected. Procrastination can make memories, good or bad, worse. Looking back and knowing you didn’t do your best causes regret.

Procrastination affects health, sociality, schoolwork and memories. These can be prevented by halting this lifestyle. Will you ignore what I’ve said, like I did? This is your life. I’m working on the necessary changes; will you?

Faith Saenz
Ranson, West Virginia

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