Are we done yet?


I once dated a freshman who was from a state that rarely experienced snow. She was excited for winter to arrive and see the mountains blanketed with white. However, as the weather grew colder and colder her spirits began to drop. By the time the first snowfall arrived her only thought was, “Ok, can we just jump to spring now?”

It’s not uncommon for us to carry some optimism for the coming experiences. New students are excited due to the stories and hype that high school passed on to them. Yet as the temperature drops we find ourselves more and more disappointed. That is to say, the more we are pushed outside our comfort zone the fewer challenges we wish to endure.

New students should know that college isn’t easy as high school was. You have to work to earn a B- and study smarter to achieve an A. Having an “are we done yet?” attitude is toxic. We shouldn’t let the inconveniences undermine the experience.

Kent Coble
Weatherford, Texas

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