Runway to everyday: Fall fashion trends


The arrival of September means colorful leaves, pumpkin desserts and fresh fall fashion trends.

Even before the temperature dropped to jacket-inducing lows, people were itching to wear their new fall pieces. Students sport boots, blazers and sweaters all over campus. After months of trying to walk the line between modest fashion and staying cool, fall fashion is a refreshing shift. Autumn’s changing weather allows for creativity and diversity in style decisions, and BYU students are excited about it.

BYU freshman Mads Jensen, Chloe Moloney and Makenzie Tucker wear their favorite fall pieces. ​(Photo by Natalie Zippi)
BYU freshman Mads Jensen, Chloe Moloney and Makenzie Tucker wear their favorite fall pieces. ​(Photo by Natalie Zippi)

“I’m seeing a lot of neon colors,” freshman Chloe Maloney said. “Maybe I’m a little biased because I like neon colors, but I’ve seen a lot of scarves with neon accents, which is very unusual for fall.”

Maloney’s observation was right in line with the styles shown at the fall 2014 New York Fashion Week preview. Chanel, Ralph Lauren’s Polo for Women, Gucci and other luxury labels feature neon looks, especially bright shades of green, in their fall 2014 collections.

Some BYU students have found their own ways to take the retro runway themes for this fall and translate them into street-style looks.

“This is my dad’s denim jacket,” freshman Mads Jensen said. “It’s from the 80’s, and it has shoulder pads. It’s pretty sweet.”

The oversize look has been around for several seasons, and it’s here to stay for at least one more. Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Gucci all included the trend in their collections for the fall 2014 season. Who can blame them? It’s as good an excuse as any to hide the extra pounds that accompany an active holiday season.

Layering will be an essential part of any fall wardrobe. Layering items of different weights and textures can add dimension to an otherwise basic look. This year Marc Jacobs introduced an alternative to leggings and denim to throw in the layering mix. He designed matching sweater sets, including pull-over sweaters and pants made from the same knit fabric.

“I have this kind of crochet black jacket with white stripes on the cuff,” freshman Makenzie Tucker said. “I think it will be super cute, and I can’t wait to wear it. I love layers.”

Other themes from this season’s runway shows can be adapted to ever-day style as well. Capes (presented by Ralph Lauren and Yves Saint Laurent, among others) are a fun alternative to traditional outerwear. Youthful Mary Jane shoes give balance to a business look. Knee-high boots (YSL, Ralph Lauren, Chanel) are a nod to the 60’s and mod fashion.

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