Cougar Questions: What rumors have you heard about BYU?


New freshmen begin school this week, and The Universe was eager to hear what rumors have been told about BYU from older siblings, parents and even student orientation group leaders.

“Only jaywalk by yourself and not in groups. Because if you jaywalk in a group you’ll get in trouble by the cops.” — Danielle Kindred, Virginia, Undecided

“I’ve also heard that if you park without a permit, you’ll get a ticket. Like, no matter what. Because BYU Police is really good about that.” — Brittany Anderson, Idaho, Undecided

“The whole dating thing. I’m living off campus at The Colony, and I’m worried because I’m a freshman and there are a ton of returned missionaries and older people there. And I’m too young to get married, and everyone else just wants to get married.” — Jamie Madsen, Orem, Undecided

“No tank tops. I heard that’s a thing. And there’s a downside and a plus side. Because sometimes there are big jerks who wear tank tops. But at the same time sometimes you need to wear tank tops because it gets way hot.” — Braely Pace, Texas, Neurology

“I’m so excited to find a wife! Gonna get one quick, that’s the goal!” — Eric Bird, Springville, Biology

“Everyone gets married, nobody drinks, ya’ll only drink milk. And you can’t wear shorts. I mean, what’s wrong with showing a little calves, man? Ya know?” — Iram Flores, Texas, PD Biology

“Everyone goes up to Squaw Peak to make out. And when girls hold hands with a guy she buys Skittles for her roommates. When they kiss a guy she buys ice cream for them. When they make out it’s pizza. And it’s a steak dinner when they get engaged. I mean, I’ve got Skittles, but I’m saving them for me. And if you have a cute room of girls across the street that you home teach, your home teaching is like 200 percent.” — Johnathan Daniels, Pennsylvania, PD Bio

“The missionaries were betting on how long until I’ll get married. They kept saying, ‘You’ll get married in the freshman year!'” — Baola Cajubi, Albania, Neuroscience

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