Randal A. Wright: How to live purposefully with self-discipline


Making the most out of life is a goal many people have; yet many fall short of achieving this goal.

Randal A. Wright, author and founder of Lifemission4u.com, spoke during Education Week on how to use self-discipline to make the most of life. Wright started his class by showing a video of three young boys playing a fast and tricky musical piece. The boys, though young, were able to play at an advanced level for their age because of their dedication to practice. Wright said he would give anything to play that well, even $100. However, practicing in order to perform that well is a different story.

Self-discipline is a rigorous process that requires dedication and commitment.

“Self-discipline is how people get to be achievers,” Wright said.

Nothing can be accomplished without a desire to do it and the self-discipline to put forth hard work.

Wright shared some of his experiences in the army and the strict discipline and schedule he had to live by. Being in the army was one of the most spiritual experiences Wright had, but it was not because of the army. It was a spiritual experience because of the schedule and discipline used by the army.

The schedule used by the MTC is similar to the schedule used in the army. The missionaries who are fighting for the Lord are training to be self-disciplined. Discipline brings the Spirit and helps people accomplish more throughout the day.

It is important to form a schedule and remain consistent in following it. Wright advised the audience to get on a schedule and stick to it as best they could.

Getting up in the morning is the biggest battle of the day.

“It’s mind over mattress,” Wright said.

When the alarm goes off, it suddenly becomes harder to get up, and the resolve and goals set the night before become harder to accomplish.

“It’s all over once you hit the snooze button, because then the pillow starts talking to you,” Wright said.

He compared the human body to a car. If people had only one car throughout their entire life they would treat it with care. People should treat their body with the same care they would their car, because they only get one body. Physical stamina is needed in order to accomplish the necessary goals and tasks throughout the day.

Discipline requires a consequence when people don’t do what they say they will, just as there are consequences when children break a rule. Wright emphasized that people must set rules and consequences when they break their goals. Accountability for a person’s actions is essential to developing self-discipline.


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