Police Beat: Aug. 19



Aug. 11 — Officers responded to a report of food being taken from an area.

Aug. 12 — Officers responded to a report of damage to a locker. A locksmith was called and repaired the damage.

Aug. 12 — An individual reported a lost or stolen electronic tool.

Aug. 13 — An individual reported a secured bicycle taken from the bike racks.

Disorderly conduct

Aug. 5 — Officers responded to a report of an individual who was being disorderly. On arrival the individual was located and escorted from the area.

Aug. 8 — Officers responded to a report of an individual causing difficulties for employees in the Wilkinson Student Center. Contact was made with the individual, and the situation was resolved.

Orem Police

Animal control

Aug.18 — Police chased a mountain lion around 900 East and 400 North in Orem. Officers eventually cornered the animal, and DWR tranquilized it.


Aug. 12 — An Orem woman reported that someone came into her apartment through an unlocked door, used the bathroom and then left through a bedroom window. Nothing was found missing.

Aug. 14 — Two juveniles took a case of beer from Rite Aid. The manager chased after them, and they eventually dropped the case of beer and kept running. Police are investigating.

Aug. 15 — A woman lost her purse at Smith’s and reported unauthorized use of her credit cards. A detective has been assigned to the case.

Car accidents

Aug. 14 — Officers responded to an injury accident. Two cars hit head on at Center Street and Geneva Road.

Aug. 14 — An Orem woman was arrested after she hit a parked car and left the scene. A witness was able to get the license plate number. Officers waited for her to return to her home and found that she had been drinking. She was charged with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

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