‘Free happiness’ on Craigslist is music to our ears


Old couches, broken jacuzzis and even abandoned animals can be found online in the “free” sections of websites like KSL or Yowcow.

But a Craigslist advertisement in the free section for the Provo/Orem area listed “Happiness” as the main giveaway Sunday night.

The posting was titled “Happiness/iTunes card” and stood out among the floral chairs and old television sets as the first post on the web page.

The author of the post, who wishes to remain anonymous, confirmed that it was a real giveaway. The author had $60 to Best Buy and decided to buy packs of iTunes gift cards to give away to strangers.

“I’ve been feeling a little down myself and have sometimes lost a little faith in humanity and just wanted to give something back. They are small and can be mailed, which means people don’t have to waste time trying to meet me,” the poster said.

The anonymous giver also said that one man in St. George needed his happiness as soon as possible, so the giver took a photo of the card’s gift code and sent it to the man in need.

Though they go unnoticed, these websites sometimes offer hidden gems at no cost. Though the six gift cards are in the hands of happier people, there may be more opportunities online to find — or share — happiness in unexpected places.

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