Weekly 5: Five cheap meals on campus


Sometimes the hardest part about being a student is planning meals around a school schedule and a tight bank account.

Students who live close to campus might get the opportunity to run home for a cheap lunch before they need to get back to class or do homework. Students who live farther away or spend most of their day on campus either need to bring a lunch or spend what little money they have at the food services on BYU’s campus.

Fortunately, there happen to be some cheap and quick food deals for students on campus. For $6 or less thry can conveniently get the energy needed for those long school days.

1. The Twilight Zone: $3.57 for a bagel, fruit and Vitamin Water

Tucked away in the southwest corner of the Wilkinson Center is a small convenience store. It might not look like much, but that little store is responsible for feeding hundreds of students every day.

It is popular among students because it’s reasonably priced, conveniently located and it’s got a huge, random selection of quick pick-me-ups needed for a long day of studying.

For many students, it is the first place they stop for an energy boost before class, which means lines can get long and food goes out of stock quickly.

“Avoid the rush ten minutes before and ten minutes after the hour,” said Mo Bodily, a cashier at the Twilight Zone.

Get there early or during classes for the best selection of food.

2. Subway: $3.50–$4.75 for any 6-inch sandwich

Subway is easily one of the most-frequented restaurants in the Wilkinson Center. It’s easy to locate; just look for the mass of hungry students in the southeast corner of the Cougareat.

It’s a safe choice for students because of its money-saving deals, healthy options and satisfying sandwiches that won’t leave one feeling sluggish after lunch.

“I like it because it’s cheap. Plus, I’m kind of sick of everything else,” student Justin Lindstrom said as he hurried to place his order.

Subway can give students long-lasting energy that will keep their minds focused on studies and not on their tummies.

3. The Wall: $5.75 for The Wall Burger or Haley’s Caprese Garden Salad

What students can expect at The Wall can easily be summed up by head chef Gary Bradshaw: “Our beef is the best on campus.”

The Wall Burger is one of the establishments’s best-selling items. The quality beef, bacon and barbeque sauce are the signature of this new classic. It also comes with a side of fries, which, Bradshaw submits, are the best in Provo.

Students who don’t want a burger may consider the Haley’s Caprese Salad. But know that this is not a typical green salad. It is combined with a variety of different seasonings and spices to give some kick and topped with a custom dressing designed by Bradshaw himself.

The Wall is located on the east side of the Wilkinson Center next to the bowling alley. Students can take a study break, try the food, maybe hear some live music or watch sports on the multiple flat screens adorning the walls.

4. BYU Creamery on Ninth: $4.09 for a cheeseburger, fries, small drink and ice-cream.

The Kids Meal special at the BYU Creamery is arguably the greatest deal on campus. For less than $5 students can get a full meal and dessert. They take advantage of this deal even though they haven’t been “kids” in more a decade.

It’s a little more out of the way, but that can work to students advantage if they want a longer break from studying and find themselves hungry for a great deal.

5. Vending machine in the Wilkinson Center by Studio 1020: $4.50 for a sandwich, drink and cookies.

These vending machines are hidden around the corner, but they offer a buffet of choices. Straight from the BYU foods kitchen, a great choice is the chicken salad sandwich on a croissant role. It comes refrigerated right out of the vending machine and still tastes fresh.

In the drinks vending machine students can grab a quick beverage with choices varying from BYU’s famous chocolate milk to assorted caffeine-free sodas in a can. Lastly, in the vending machine next door students can grab a dessert, one of the best choices being a pack of two double chocolate chip cookies for $.75.

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