Getting immunized


It seems that the new favorite pastime for mommy bloggers and conspiracy nuts is scaring people away from one of the most important things we can do for our kids, which is getting them immunized.

Now I’m not saying that we should all go get flu shots right now (I never get flu shots), but some diseases are so dangerous that we cannot take the chance of our kids getting them (AND THEN PASSING THEM ON TO OTHERS!).

These people are using false statistics and ridiculously false claims (flu shots causing autism … please) to push their far-fetched “natural healing” techniques into the limelight.

FACT: there is no better way to prevent a disease than to introduce that disease to your body so it can produce the proper antibodies to battle the real thing should you be exposed.

FACT: these vaccines are put through strenuous testing for safety, and the chance of them causing anything more than a mild aching and fever are hundreds of thousands to one. (THE VIRUSES contained are dead! just protein shells or floating RNA.)

FICTION: Vaccines cause diseases to be spread, vaccines cause autism, vaccines are more dangerous than they are useful, vaccines contain dangerous chemicals.

FICTION: Whether you immunize your children or not has no effect on others; if you control the disease by treating it “naturally” it will not spread to others.

Get acquainted with the facts and not this scare tactic, wannabe science mumbo jumbo.

Jordan Clement
Kent, Washington

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