Media monster


If you think the media industry is a monster in your life, maybe you should look in a mirror. The media is not the problem here. It’s you.

Media controls your thoughts and can truly affect how you feel about yourself and others. We blame this “monster” for displaying false images of what humans should look like. Because of the control the media has, the chances of you turning on your television and seeing “normal” human beings is slim. Since changing the media industry would be nearly impossible, we need to stop falsely blaming it for being the cause of our levels of self-esteem.

Human beings are attracted to other human beings, and those working in the media industry understand that in order to grab your attention, the models in their advertisements need to look beautiful, or in better terms, unrealistic, to meet the audience’s expectations.

The anger directed toward the media for displaying photoshopped images needs to cease. Yes, advertisements should never have reached that point, but they have passed the point of no return; there is no use in still blaming the media for self-esteem issues in society.

I beg you to stop comparing and start caring. Start caring about your mental health more than your physicality.
Who are you, a monster or a controller? If you find yourself in the “monster” category, stop being acted upon. For your own personal satisfaction, stop blaming the media industry for doing its job. Try changing yourself and the way you think.

Brianna Sinks
Riverton, Utah

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