Eat Beat: Pico Norte Tacos

La Campechana tacos,  a pork and steak mix, are the most popular item at the Pico Norte food truck. (Photo courtesy Pico Norte)
La Campechana tacos, a pork and steak mix, are the most popular item at the Pico Norte food truck. (Photo courtesy Pico Norte)

Pico Norte is an authentic Mexican taco food truck that operates in Utah Valley. Its goal is simple: to bring the most authentic Mexican street tacos to customers. Eating some of its specialty tacos is a great way to spend summer nights and become acquainted with the taste of Mexico.


Pico Norte is a food truck that moves to various locations throughout the week. The best way to know where it will be is to follow its Twitter and Instagram accounts (@piconorte) or the Pico Norte Tacos Facebook page.

The owners post at the beginning of each week where the truck will be throughout the week. Pico Norte is at the Provo food truck round-up from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursdays. Pico Norte frequently sets up in front of The Velour on University Avenue and Mad Dog Cycles on 450 North.


Three small corn tortilla tacos or one big flour taco are $5.50. Quesadillas are $4 and can be ordered with steak, pork or both meats for $6. Bottled Mexican Coke and other glass-bottled drinks are $1.50

Specialty dishes

The tacos come in three varieties: La Campechana, a pork and steak mix; La Gringa, pork only; and El Güero, carne asada steak. Tacos come with a tortilla, meat and cheese. Customers can add additional onion, cilantro, lime or salsa. The most popular item at Pico Norte Tacos is La Campechana on a flour tortilla.

Interesting fact

Pico Norte’s logo is an outline of a famous mountain in Monterrey, Mexico, called “El Cerro de la Silla,” meaning “Saddleback Mountain” in English. The top peak of that mountain is called Pico Norte, from which the truck derives its name.

The red spice used to marinate the pork comes directly from Monterrey and is unique to that part of Mexico.

Pro tips

We’d recommend getting the three small corn tortillas and getting one of each taco: one steak, one pork, one mix. This allows for the customer to decide which taco they like best, and then the next time they come they can try it on the flour tortilla or get three of the same kind. Also, we recommend trying the La Gringa with thinly sliced pineapple on top,” said owner Rick Gooch. 

What the owner says

“We have a few customers who are originally from Monterrey, Mexico, who now live in Salt Lake City, who drive down to Provo every so often to get their Campechana fix in. The first time they tried our tacos and told us that we had successfully made the Campechana was a special moment for us. We want our tacos to taste like they do down in Monterrey, Mexico. We want our customers to enjoy authentic street tacos without having to drive down to sketchy Tijuana,” Gooch said.

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