Police Beat: July 15


Criminal Mischief

July 9 – An officer responded to a report that ceiling tiles were broken out of the ceiling.

July 10 – An officer received a report of damage to a bike frame due to items that were stuck to the paint.


July 10 – An individual reported that they were threatened by an anonymous text message.


July 10 – Officers responded to a report of paint damage to a vehicle.


July 10 – Officers responded to a report of a person in a closed area. Upon arrival the individual was leaving and the area was open.


July 9 – An individual reported a credit card taken from an unsecured location in the Richards Building.

July 9 – Individuals reported an unsecured bag and items taken from the track area in the Smith Fieldhouse.

July 9 – An individual reported an unsecured bicycle taken from the Tanner Building bike racks.

July 12 – An individual reported an iPhone taken from a bag on the practice fields.

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