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Tinder is an app where I can match with people in my area. While Tinder is exciting, I believe that over time it can just create problems because people use it wrongfully.

People use Tinder to meet other people. It’s easy to talk and ask others on a date. But face-to-face interaction always trumps any form of electronic communication, especially when it comes to those first few times talking. First impressions mean a lot, and a dating app can cloud that. We are all very capable of meeting people without the assistance of some lousy app.

Also the types of guys on Tinder aren’t the best quality. Many guys would message me and say “Want to NCMO?” Call me old fashioned, but I think kisses mean something.

Some people never actually meet anyone. They use it to feel better about themselves. While I’m not an avid supporter of Tinder, I find it stupid to use Tinder just to boost someone’s self confidence.

Initially Tinder is a great idea, but for many the implementation is poor, making the app itself a poor choice for those looking for a date on a Friday night. So I say no to Tinder. Go get up the courage to date the old-fashioned way, by asking a girl on a date in person; or if you’re a girl, be risky and ask a boy! It could just be your eternal companion.

Maria Stoddard
Cody, Wyoming

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