Mission or marriage


Are you getting married or going on a mission? Are those my only options?

Recently, a friend of mine was asked what her plans for the future were. The person asked, “Are you going on a mission or getting married?” Now, like my friend, I am sure that nearly every eighteen-, nineteen- or twenty-year-old LDS woman has had this same question asked of her. Although neither are bad options, there is much more to a daughter of God than simply one or the other.

I ask that the LDS community move away from this common expectation that many have created in their minds and move toward the thinking that a young woman has unlimited opportunities before her.

When talking about women serving missions, President Monson said, “Many young women also serve, but they are not under the same mandate to serve as are the young men.” In short, women are not held to that same duty as young men, so they should not be penalized or looked down upon for not serving. And take marriage — not that I am against marriage; I just want to emphasize that the only person a young woman should consult or be influenced by when deciding upon marriage is her Father in heaven, for he is the only one who truly matters.

Again, I do not want anyone to feel that I am bashing missions or marriage; I honestly just want to get the word out that the true possibilities of a young woman are inspired as greater by our leaders and God, so why not others?

Michelle Pierson

Murrieta, California

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