BYU’s Bean Museum to host special family night


On Monday, June 9, from 5 to 9 p.m., the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum will host a special family night.

Some activities planned for the event include crafts for kids and photo opportunities with the superheroes Katy and Ken.

An American Alligator. Its strong jaw and hunting prowess is valuable as a predator.  (Rebecca Klemetson)
An American alligator. Its strong jaw and hunting prowess make it a formidable predator. (Rebecca Klemetson)

At 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. there will be a live animal show featuring tarantulas, snakes, turtles and a lizard. After this event, the live animal shows will only be available for free on Monday nights.

Before the family home evening, post a picture to Facebook or Instagram showing how to “protect your planet.” If you tag the museum (@beanmuseum) in the post you can pick up a free t-shirt. Use the hashtag #conservationcontest.

The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum reopened on Saturday, June 7. The two-year renovation added 32,000 square feet to the building.

There are approximately 25 new exhibits and displays, including Life on Top: Apex Predators, the Fred and Sue Morris Bird Gallery and the Boyd K. Packer Gallery.

The museum officially opened in 1978, and admission has always been free. The expansion and all of the animals within the museum were donated.

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