Weekly 5: Best fast-food hidden menus


Lurking behind a restaurant’s listed menu often lies a hidden menu, full of secret meals that have to be specifically requested by customers. These menu items are often spread by word of mouth. Here are five hidden menu options that made their debut in local fast food chains.

1. Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice offers a variety of hidden smoothies. One of the most popular hidden smoothies is called Pink Star and resembles the flavor of America’s favorite pink Starburst strawberry-flavored candy.

Other hidden smoothie flavors include Chocolate Covered Gummy Bear, San Diego, Fruity Pebbles and Pacific Passion.

“It started as employees starting to make their own creations and coming up with names,” said Alec Hone, a Jamba Juice Provo employee. “My favorite is called Skittles. It tastes like Skittles, but we don’t use Skittles to make it.”

2. In-n-Out

In-n-Out is well-known for its hamburgers, french fries and shakes, but customers are often unaware that these simple meal options can be turned into a gourmet burger by adding the words “animal style.” Animal-style burgers retain original burger fixings but are additionally paired with grilled onions, extra spread and pickles.

3. Subway

Subway’s pizza sub graced the regular menu for a short period of time during May of 2012 but was taken off the menu shortly thereafter. However, it remains on Subway’s secret menu. The pizza sub is similar to the current, menu-visible Italian sub, but to get the full pizza-tasting effect, the pizza sub is a must.

“We have five sandwiches that don’t always remain on our menu because they aren’t very popular,” said April Johnson, a University Mall Subway employee. “Not many people know about them. These are our hidden menu sandwiches.”

4. Chick-Fil-A

A lesser-known secret Chick-Fil-A item is called the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. This secret menu item is unique because customers order items from the known menu and put them together to create their own hidden menu item. To create the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, customers should order a Spicy Chicken Sandwich and add buffalo sauce, creating a taste that’s similar to a buffalo wing on a bun.

5. McDonald’s

The Mc10:35 is essentially the brunch sandwich of McDonald’s, as it is served daily, but only from 10:30 to 11 a.m. The sandwich combines a McDouble and an Egg McMuffin, making it an ideal mid-morning snack that combines two well-loved menu items meant individually for breakfast and lunch.

Both regular and hidden menus have meals that offer a variation from the norm. Websites such as www.hackthemenu.com and www.hiddenmenu.com list hidden menus that are available at local restaurants.

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