“My post got over 10 likes! Boom! #GotFriends? #iDo!” Now this may not be exactly what you post — but is this what runs through our minds and suffices for a social life? Every day we run into people who are busy texting, Facebooking or clan-clashing on their phones, computer and tablets. It can be easy to slump into the time-sucking habits of constantly using social media. Technology can be a good thing and help us keep in contact with those who are distant from us, but we need to limit the time we spend in technology because it distances us from those who are actually around us.

Instant global communication is amazing! Facebook can also be really helpful in keeping track of birthdays and organizing events — it seems like there’s always a reminder about somebody’s wedding on there. But many times we simply scroll through, looking for some funny posts and to see what others have been doing today — only to find some more invites to play Candy Crush. Are we using our time wisely when we idle away our time compulsively monitoring Facebook?

In the end, there are so many things to do and see all around us and goals that we should have for ourselves. We will get more satisfaction from spending time with others, working with others and interacting with others personally than we ever could online. #LiveLife! And be happier.

Dallas Bertola

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