Netflix: A cheap price for an expensive mistake


My first month at BYU as a freshman was tough. Lonely and lacking social connections, I resorted to a well-known website called Netflix — an online source of endless hours of movies and TV shows for an $8 monthly fee. Unfortunately, my need for amusement turned into an addiction. I missed out on freshman activities that would’ve allowed me to meet new people and wasted hours of the day that should’ve been dedicated to schoolwork. A helpful tip for incoming freshmen: avoid having a Netflix account. It causes social withdrawal and poor academic results.

The people you spend your time with will determine your freshman experience, so you need to get out of your comfort zone. Although it takes effort, going to freshman activities is the best way to build friendships. Having a one-way relationship with your laptop, which seems easier and more comfortable, will deprive you of these social opportunities.

Every hour of the day is precious, and if it is spent wrong the consequences will cost you your academic success. One may think that a couple of episodes won’t hurt, but before you know it, it’s dark outside and you have a five-page paper due tomorrow. Next comes sleep deprivation, causing poor scholastic performance.

Independence is exciting, but we need to show self-control and discipline, and Netflix is a deceiving temptation that will put you to the test. Avoid it; start useful habits that lead to academic success and build strong foundations of friendships that will last a lifetime.

Camila Costa
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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