Weekly 5: Five apps to boost your summer studying


With the warm sun, green grass and perfect weather tempting, nothing sounds less appealing than sitting in the library studying. Luckily, with the help of these five apps, your studying can become more productive, allowing you more time for summer fun.

1. Get up early with Alarmy

Alarmy prides itself on being “the world’s most annoying alarm app,” and it is a sure to get spring-term students out of bed. Before setting an alarm, the user must take and register a picture of anything from their microwave to bathroom. Once the alarm goes off, the only way to stop it from ringing is to get out of bed and take the registered picture again with the phone. Alarmy is annoying but ensures that you not only wake up on time but also get out of bed.

“Half the battle for me is getting out of that warm, cozy bed,” said Ryan Sommerfeldt, an economics major from Cardston, Alberta. “This app has saved me from the destructive evil of laziness.”

2. Learn material on the go with Flashcardlet

Students have been using flashcards to study for decades, but Flashcardlet brings the age-old study tool into the 21st century. Flashcardlet can be downloaded as an app to handheld devices but also can be accessed online. The app runs through Brainscape, which allows users to easily make new decks on devices or online as well as import previously made decks off of Quizlet. Having flashcards directly on a handheld device makes it easy to study when time is short.

3. Make to-do lists, and keep track of group members’ progress with Trello

Trello is a user-friendly to-do list app that allows for tasks to be added to any number of different “lists.” This division makes it easier to subdivide personal, school and work tasks. The app also has the capability to add other users to lists or specific tasks, making it perfect for groups projects.

4. Force yourself to stay away from distractions with SelfControl

SelfControl is an app designed for computers that allows a user to block sites that may test their self control. Facebook, BuzzFeed and Twitter rarely look more appealing than right before a test, but SelfControl will allow the user to be free of those distractions for a set period of time. Once a time has been set for a site to be blocked, nothing, not even shutting down the computer or deleting the app, can unblock it.
“Call me crazy, but I looked for an app like that,” said Ryan Nacarro, an exercise science major from Las Vegas. “I think it’d be great for exams and times you want to be alone.”
5. Save yourself from embarrassment with Dictionary.com
Dictionary.com’s app is wildly popular for a good reason. It not only shares a word of the day and presents interesting information but can also prevent embarrassing spelling and mispronunciation blunders. The app includes a dictionary, thesaurus and translator. It can look up words dictated to it and properly pronounce words back. This app is great to have on hand to double check difficult spellings, just in case.
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