Kennedy Center commemorates WWI’s legacy

The “World War 1 Remembered” series offers students a chance to watch inspiring stories from a war that helped shape history. (Photo courtesy of Kennedy Center for International Studies)

It’s been 100 years since Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife of Austria were assassinated, igniting the “Great War.”

The Kennedy Center commemorates the memories of those who have passed by the launch of its new spring film series, “World War 1 Remembered.” Although there are fewer films highlighting the events of World War I than there are about World War II, this series serves to highlight the significant role WWI has played in history.

“This year with the 100th anniversary of WWI being commemorated, we thought it important to participate by organizing this series,” said Cory Leonard, assistant director of the Kennedy Center.

The film series also serves to educate those who participate in BYU’s Center for Study of Europe to better understand Europe’s cultural and historical influences.

Films are shown in room 238 of the Herald R. Clark Building every Tuesday and Thursday at noon. The series includes English, French, German and silent films with English subtitles.

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