Weekly 5: Five hobbies to pick up this summer


Summer is a great time to take a break from all the stresses of the school year. Even if you’re taking spring or summer classes, these easy hobbies keep the summer fresh.

Catch up on reading

It can be easy to put off reading during the busy fall and winter months. Summer gives you a great opportunity to catch up. The Provo City Library has a large collection of both fiction and nonfiction books and receives new arrivals weekly.

“Reading is a good hobby to pick up in the summer because it’s something you can do anywhere, at anytime,” said Marie Severn, an elementary education major from Cedar Hills. “It’s very entertaining, and you have time to catch up on all those books you didn’t have time for in the fall and winter.”

Get a membership to the Provo Rec Center

Going to the gym in the summer may seem cliché, but the Provo Rec Center isn’t your normal gym. For just $5 a day, or $27 per month, members have access to gym equipment, an indoor track, a swimming pool and exercise classes.

Whether swimming, taking a class like yoga, Zumba or Rip It or playing tennis, the Provo Rec Center has something for everyone.

Go camping

Areas surrounding Provo offer great places to experience the outdoor night life. Grab some gear and “rough it” for a few days. Nothing quite beats the taste of s’mores and hobo dinners while relaxing in nature.

T.J. Galbrave, an information systems major from Seattle, Washington, said, “I think camping in the summer (is a good hobby) because you get to see a lot of places in Utah that you normally wouldn’t see. Camping really lets you see the beauty of Utah.”

Build something

There are many DIY (Do It Yourself) videos and websites available. Many DIY crafts are cheap and easy to learn. From homemade picture frames to pop can sculptures, there’s a project for everyone.

Start a garden

A garden can be made just about anywhere; just grab a storage container from a nearby store, fill it with dirt, and start gardening. It is a fun hobby where people get to eat the fruits of their labors.

Julie Marini, assistant supervisor over Wilkinson Center custodial services, said, “I like gardening because I can (bottle) my own fresh, pure food and also because it gives me the ability to make my own little ecosystem.”

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