Extend visiting hours


As a BYU freshman, one of the most talked about topics is the dreaded visiting hours. If living in Helaman Halls, the only times throughout the week that you are allowed members of the opposite sex into your room are Wednesdays and Sundays at 7–9 p.m. This two-hour interval is minimal and almost ridiculous. It limits socialization between boys and girls. Especially with the continual encouragement of dating here at BYU, it is a complete contradiction.

For example, a friend of mine living in Helaman Halls was watching a movie in her bedroom with a boy during visiting hours. When the hours came to an end, the RA told her that if she wanted to continue the movie, she should watch it in her car. Another contradiction. BYU uses visiting hours to discourage alone time with the opposite sex, but are the rules there solely as guidelines, or are they there to help us keep our standards?

The limited time may cause people to rush into decisions or take action they might regret, or the opposite — it may cause them to do the same outside of regulated housing due to the strictly timed visiting period. This problem should be addressed in a way that allows a compromise between spending time with the opposite sex without encouraging temptations. The visiting hours should be extended in order for students living in BYU Housing to actively date and gain friendship with each other.

India Sleem
Derbyshire, England

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