New flights attract Provo residents


Beginning in September of 2013, the Provo Airport, along with Allegiant Air, announced it would now be offering nonstop flights from Provo to Los Angeles.

The announcement in September followed previous announcements regarding the offering of flights to different cities including Oakland, Calif.; San Francisco; Phoenix and Mesa.

In a statement posted on the Provo Airport’s official blog, Andrew C. Levy, Allegiant Travel Company president, said, “We are pleased to add Los Angeles as another affordable, convenient destination option for Provo residents. Our vacation packages and nonstop service to the San Francisco Bay area and Phoenix have been very popular with area residents. We are confident the community will appreciate the convenience of flying nonstop to Los Angeles and the value of bundling their air, hotel and car rental reservation together.”

The new flight to Los Angeles, which operates twice weekly, has had positive reviews within the Provo community.

Corey Norman of the Provo Airport said, “We’ve seen a significant increase in people since we started regularly scheduled flights. People seem to be enjoying the service. The airport is incredibly convenient; our flights are full, and travelers are excited knowing they can avoid navigating Salt Lake.”

The idea of being able to avoid the busy atmosphere of the Salt Lake City International Airport is one that resonates among Provo citizens, and the Provo Airport has received positive feedback in its FlyProvo fan mail.

One review from the FlyProvo fan mail quotes Maren Corey Hansen, a Provo citizen. She said, “LOVE sending my hubby through Provo airport instead of SLC: less crowded, closer parking, and faster check-in!”

Many college students living in Provo are also in favor of the newly added flights.

BYU student Paige Montgomery has traveled many times from the Salt Lake International Airport to visit family out of state. She would often have to find friends or roommates to give her a ride to Salt Lake to catch her flights because she does not have a car of her own.

“It is nice to have an airport so close so that I don’t have to find people to drive me all the way to Salt Lake,” Montgomery said. “My fiancé is from California, so it will also be nice to be able to fly out of Provo to see them, especially if the tickets are cheap.”

Many students are excited to take advantage of the airport’s affordable services, with prices as low as $54.99 for a one-way ticket to Los Angeles.

UVU student Brady Thomas said, “It will be really nice if I ever want to take a few days off and spend time in L.A. with family. Usually I wouldn’t think to fly there because of how expensive airplane tickets are, but with tickets that cheap, it’s more reasonable to just fly instead of drive because you’re not only saving money, but you’re also cutting down on about nine hours of riding in a car.”

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