Zoning regulations


I was glad to see the Universe touch on an important issue in “Zoning Regulations” a few weeks ago. This is a problem that takes place beyond just BYU and Provo. Oppressive local governments in the name of “city planning” pass ordinances and laws to allow only certain people to live and/or build in particular areas of the city. In the recent past, here in Utah and around the country, zoning laws have been enforced in order to shut down homeless shelters for petty reasons. 

What gives cities the right to pass such discriminatory laws? Cities and states already have laws against most of the ills that supposedly come from non-single family residences, including street parking and trash accumulation. This only demonstrates that authoritarian government can exist on the local level as well as the federal level. Ridiculous zoning laws like the ones in Provo are just another headache for BYU students who are trying to progress through school and be productive members of society. It’s time for many of these zoning laws to be repealed.

Michael Melendez
Fullerton, California

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