Martin MacNeill found competent to stand trial

Martin MacNeill, 57, was found competent to stand trial for sexual abuse charges. MacNeill is already convicted of drugging then drowning his wife in 2007.

Two experts found convicted wife-killer Martin MacNeill competent to stand trial in an unrelated sex abuse case while he awaits sentencing in the first case in mid-June.

Convicted on Nov. 9, 2013 of drugging then drowning his wife, MacNeill, 57, has been awaiting sentencing for his first-degree murder charge. MacNeill is also charged in a completely separate case with one count of forcible sexual abuse of a woman in 2007.

Both cases have been delayed while awaiting his competency hearing findings; by May 5, two mental health experts found MacNeill competent to stand trial.

In the sexual abuse case, 4th District Judge Samuel McVey scheduled a two-day trial set to begin July 2. MacNeill’s lawyer objected, saying they needed time to file motions to dismiss the case, but McVey is going forward with the trial.

“I’m just anxious to get this over with and to move on and have all this behind us,” said Alexis Somers, MacNeill’s daughter.

The sentencing in the murder case, by a different judge, will also continue and is set for June 12.

“This happened seven years ago, and there’s been delay after delay after delay, and Judge McVey sees through some of (the) stunts,” Somers said.

A competency evaluation was ordered in January after MacNeill attempted suicide while in jail. His lawyer argued that he didn’t believe his client was competent to stand trial. MacNeil has been on suicide watch at the Utah County jail ever since.

On Nov. 9 a jury convicted MacNeill of first-degree murder and obstruction of justice in the 2007 death of his wife, Michele MacNeill. Martin MacNeill faces a 15 years-to-life sentence in prison for his murder charges.

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