Weekly 5: Five ways to have fun while taking summer classes


The summer months in Provo are full of fun adventures and activities that can give summer students a refreshing break from the classroom. Going to school during the summer doesn’t mean one can’t enjoy the summertime as well.

1. Do some trail running

Skip the treadmill and go run on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The BST is a free trail system that runs north to south from the Ogden area all the way down to Spanish Fork. Get to it by either of Provo’s BST trailheads located at the base of the Y Mountain parking lot and in Rock Canyon Park.

“Trails that run through the Wasatch are some of the prettiest and most fun trails I’ve ever run on,” said Quin Stevenson, advertising graduate and ultra long distance runner. “You can find anything you’re looking for right out of Provo.”

2. Go on a quick bike ride, climb or kayak mini-adventure

When feeling adventurous, head over to Outdoors Unlimited, located at 2201 N. Canyon road, pick a sport and rent some equipment.

“Kayaking the Provo River is fun. You can put in up at the dam and take out at Vivian Park. It’s easy enough for novices, but still fun if you’re more experienced,” said Craig Jones, a Business major from Midland, Michigan and an avid Kayaker.

3. ‘Skydive’ on the cheap

For as little as $49, get the feeling of skydiving in Ogden’s indoor skydiving park. It’s a great way to warm up to the free fall sensation of skydiving without making the leap to jumping from a real plane.

The frontrunner runs all the way to Ogden and is a fun and efficient way to get there. Visit www.iflyutah.com for more information.

4. Drive the Alpine Loop

When the stress of spring semester hits, drive up Provo Canyon, past Sundance and into the hills. Beautiful colors, scenery and wildlife are the perfect ailment for any tension or writers block.

Emma Vidmar, graphic design major and fashion blogger from Spokane, Wash. said, “There’s a certain serenity that you feel as you drive [the loop]. It almost paralyzes you in awe.”

The road opens at the end of May, and since it’s a national forest, is only $6 to access. Split between a few solace-seeking students, $6 is manageable. Don’t forget to bring a camera.

5. Study for classes outside

There are plenty of tables in the sun, the shade or somewhere in between. Get out of the library and into the cool breeze. Enjoy every moment of summer while it lasts, because it’ll be snowing again before long.

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