LDS Church Apostles join Twitter


Elder M. Russell Ballard became the first member of the LDS Church’s Quorum of the Twelve to send out a tweet this Sunday the CES broadcast.

Since then, all members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve have joined Twitter.

Elder Ballard spoke in the devotional about technology and social media.

“Our technological devices need to be our servants, not our masters,” he said.

The church’s feed retweeted and confirmed @M_RBallard was a legitimate handle. The post was retweeted 355 times and has been favorited 895 times thus far. Elder Ballard already has more than 7,000 followers.\

Although many people may be following him, he is only following a select five other feeds, including the LDS church, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

The church’s General Authorities have encouraged everyone to take to social media to share their beliefs. It looks like they just took their own steps to get the word out.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland became the second general authority to tweet on Tuesday night after a devotional at the MTC.

Follow all the Prophets:

President Monson: @ThomasSMonson2

President Eyring: @Henry_B_Eyring

President Uchtdorf: @D_F_Uchtdorf

President Packer: @Boyd_K_Packer

Elder Perry: @L_Tom_Perry

Elder Nelson: @RussellMNelson1

Elder Oaks: @Dallin_H_Oaks

Elder Ballard: @M_RBallard

Elder Scott: @Richard_G_Scott

Elder Hales: @Robert_D_Hales

Elder Holland: @J_R_Holland

Elder Bednar: @David_A_Bednar

Elder Cook: @Quentin_L_Cook

Elder Christofferson: @DTChistofferso

Elder Andersen: @Neil_L_Andersen







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