Cosmopolitan stalking BYU for sneaky sex stories


BYU’s mascot wasn’t the only Cosmo on campus this past week.

A Cosmopolitan Magazine editor was contacting students, looking for someone to write a “story for Cosmo about what the sexual culture at BYU is really like.”

“I’m looking for a BYU student (who can remain anonymous!) to help me with a story about sex and dating at colleges across America,” reads emails sent to several female staff members at The Universe. “I know premarital sex is banned at BYU — I guess I am wondering about what really goes on there. Do you know of students who do have sex secretly and in violation of the honor code?”

The emails were sent under the name of Cosmopolitan editor Michelle Ruiz, who has not yet returned phone messages and email requests to confirm she sent the inquiries or answer questions about whether other colleges are also being targeted or why the magazine is so quick to offer anonymity to a writer it has never met.

Emails sent to Universe staff members attempted to flatter the recipients by saying, “I love your stories in The Universe,” even though several of the emails were sent to photographers who do not write for The Universe. The emails also hint at an ongoing relationship with the racy grocery store magazine. “I know these are all VERY delicate topics, so you could remain anonymous if you would like, and perhaps in the future, write about friendship or fitness or news or other topics for the magazine under your name.”

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