Religous leaders of different faiths will continue to speak on campus


BYU’s Faith, Family and Society series has hosted four leaders of different religions to speak on moral issues that all religious believers must face in an ever-secularizing world.

International vice president at BYU, Sandra Rogers, said those of different religions and religious organizations should work together to find solutions to common problems such as religious freedom protection and strengthening the family.

Andrew Skinner, former director of the Richard L. Evans Chair of Religious Understanding, said preserving religion is important because humans are fallen creatures who need the divinity of Jesus Christ.

Skinner also said for this reason believers of different faiths must work together to staunch immorality and shore up righteousness.

2014’s speakers were Dr. George Wood from the Assemblies of God; Dr. Richard Land, Evangelical; Dr. Albert Mohler, Baptist; and Robbie Zacharias, Evangelical, with Archbishop Charles J. Chaput scheduled for January 2015.

Rogers said they did not plan on having a regularly scheduled time for speakers to talk on campus, but rather they will work with the schedules and timeframes of those whom they want to invite.

“We’re not sure what our schedule will be for the upcoming school year, but we have one for sure,” Rogers said.

Rogers said this lecture series was a perfect way to reach out to like-minded people of similar values as expressed commonly by President Hinckley.

“I think it’s an opportunity to bring … leaders of various religious traditions to campus where students are able to become better acquainted with them, and they’re able to become better acquainted with us,” Rogers said.

Skinner said several of the speakers who have come have felt the Spirit while on BYU’s campus. He also mentioned how many times he felt inspired as these religious leaders have spoken.

Skinner specifically remembered feeling uplifted when Wood spoke on how he kept and retained his religious beliefs as he attended college in his youth.

The goal is to make this religous lecture series as accessible to the public as possible.

“It is our hope and plan to publish these lectures in a volume every few years,” said Dean of Religious Education Brent L. Top.

Top said the plan is to encourage church leaders and members to purchase these books and use them to help their wards and stakes better understand the messages portrayed by these religious leaders.

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