Top 10 viewed stories from the 2013–2014 school year


Looking back on the last two semesters a lot has happened in the news. Here are our top-viewed news stories from the 2013–2014 school year.

1. The difference between seniors and freshmen at BYU  — 47,187 views

In this humorous list article, the lives of a BYU freshman and senior are contrasted. While freshmen may not get all the jokes just yet, seniors will definitely chuckle as they get ready for graduation and reminisce about their freshman year.


as a freshman:
as a senior:

2. Ew! Sweetener blamed for gummy side effects — 28,477 views

If you’ve read the Amazon reviews for Haribo’s sugar-free gummy bears, you know what these seemingly harmless candies are capable of. The sweetener in the gummy bears acts as a laxative. If you eat too many you’ll be indisposed for quite some time.

3. 24 BYU senior problems — 18,257 views

When students finally reach their senior year of college the rose-tinted glasses come off and senioritis sets in. This list article talks about some of the major struggles seniors at BYU face on a daily basis.


4. ‘Swiped’ right off her feet: Marriage by Tinder at BYU — 13,024 views

Finding your eternal companion at BYU can be difficult. This story talks about how Tinder, a dating app, helped several BYU students find their future spouses.

5. BYU faculty member dies after battle with flu — 11,693 views

Delynne Peay, a dance professor, passed away Jan. 13, after being hospitalized with the flu for several days. She began working with BYU dance students in 1974 teaching folk dance and tap.

6. New BYU president announced — 11,379 views

When President Henry B. Eyring came to a Devotional in March to make an announcement, the Marriott Center was flooded with people waiting in anticipation for what he would say. He announced that President Cecil O. Samuelson would no longer be president of BYU. He will be replaced by Kevin J Worthen in May.

7. LDS Church responds to Ordain Women initiative — 8,073 views

In response to the Ordain Women initiative in October 2013, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced that priesthood session would be broadcast on TV. However, women were still not allowed to attend the session in the Conference Center.

8. Notre Dame legend Rudy Ruettiger meets and greets at BYU football fireside — 7, 985 views

When the BYU football team went to play Notre Dame in Indiana it held a fireside for one of the stakes in the area. Football legend Rudy Ruettiger attended the fireside as well as former BYU basketball coach Steve Cleveland.

9. Living with Stone Man Syndrome: A BYU student shares her story — 7,495

Danielle Coyne, a BYU student, has a rare disease called Fribrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. Because of this disease her body grows extra bone. The story talks about Coyne’s life and how she has risen above the disease.

10. Update: Missing Provo resident found dead — 7,347 views

Andrew Ungerman, an avid cyclist and Provo resident, was reported missing on Mar 13. His body was found Mar. 17.

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