Parking stress


Parking is a constant issue on BYU campus, for all students, freshmen to seniors. There
is not enough student parking that is close to campus to begin with, and the time frame for faculty
parking in A lots is much too long.

In the span of New Heritage parking alone, there are only about fifteen to twenty B Lot
spaces. B Lot means students can park there overnight with no penalty. Keep in mind that
there are hundreds of students staying in New Heritage freshman housing, and a large portion of
those students brought cars with them. There’s just such a small amount of spots in the general area
around Heritage, and the rest of campus isn’t free from this curse. Students like myself have had
to start parking a couple of blocks away from our apartments and, in some cases, almost half a
mile (thanks to the Stadium parking)

Some faculty lots on campus don’t become available to students until 6 or 7 at
night. This is unreasonable because students coming onto campus for night classes shouldn’t
have to park so far away when there are clearly open spots within seconds of their classroom

An obvious solution to these two problems would be to reduce the number of spots
professors are allowed to park at,and instead make more student parking, and also in those
respective spots to reduce the time students are disallowed to park there.

Jacob Alderman
Thousand Oaks, Calif.

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