New LDS film combines organized religion and organized crime


Elder Fischer never expects that him and his brand new companion, Elder Johnson are teaching Mobster brothers [Photo Curtesy Inspired Guns].
Elder Fischer never expects that he and his brand-new companion, Elder Johnson, are teaching Mafia brothers. (Photo courtesy “Inspired Guns”)
The recent DVD release of LDS film “Inspired Guns” is 10 years in the making for a former BYU student turned writer, producer and director.

The film tells the story of Elder Fischer and Elder Johnson, two missionaries who unknowingly begin teaching two Mafia brothers. The “criminal investigators” take the elders’ Book of Mormon challenge literally because they think the missionaries were sent by the “Boss” to deliver their next task through a hidden message in the book. The FBI starts some investigating of their own when they discover the missionaries’ connection with the Mafia brothers, and the elders must clear their names and protect their golden contacts.

Director, writer and producer Adam White planned to be in the NBA before his dreams of film making [Photo Curtesy Inspired Guns].
Former BYU student Adam White planned to be in the NBA before his dreams of filmmaking took over. (Photo courtesy “Inspired Guns”)
BYU student Adam White wrote the script in 2003. After hearing there was no money in a film about two LDS missionaries and the Mafia, White transferred to Arizona State University to study business.

White had the chance to work on the popular LDS film “Saints and Soldiers” later that year. Ten years and several successful Internet businesses later, White had the opportunity and money to bring his script and dream to life.

“My dad bought a VHS camcorder when I was 11, and I started making movies; I always loved the process, and I loved writing,” White said. “Movies are definitely my medium of choice.”

“White describes his film as ‘Dumb and Dumber’ mixed with ‘Bourne Identity’ all wrapped up in an LDS comedy that really has heart and a good message,” said an “Inspired Guns” press release.

White offers advice to struggling BYU film students who are looking for futures in the movie-making business.

“Anyone can do it if they want it bad enough,” he said. “If it is your dream don’t give up on it, and secondly, network with people in the industry like crazy.”

Inspired Guns” was primarily filmed in Utah and Salt Lake counties, with establishing shots filmed in New York City. Utah County residents may recognize some  scenes shot in Provo, Orem and Midway. The film originally premiered in Salt Lake City on Jan. 24 and is available on DVD at Deseret Book, Seagull Books, Wal-Mart, Costco and Amazon.

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