We need spring break


Close your eyes. Now imagine you are relaxing on a beach, drinking a refreshing, ice-cold drink. Or imagine you are skiing down a snowy mountain enjoying the outdoors. Or imagine you are back home, spending time with family and friends. Or imagine you are catching up on all that sleep lost during the semester. Open your eyes. As you are quite aware, Brigham Young University doesn’t have a spring break as many other college universities do. This causes us to have to endure a strenuous nine weeks before having any sort of extended break from school. But rewarding us with a spring break will motivate us to do well on finals and allow us to refocus on our goals and push through the remainder of the semester.

Those who disagree with having a spring break can’t deny the stress-relieving, refreshing, relaxing powers that would bloom from a much-deserved break. If we as a student body begin to express our desire to have a spring break, those feelings can be experienced again. Not only would we enjoy a week-long excursion from school, but can the faculty of BYU deny how wondrous that sounds to them? The positive attitudes, the uplift of spirits and the opportunity to regain our academic confidence would be experienced across campus if the decision was made to reward us, BYU students and faculty, with a spring break.

BreAnna Overman
Fairfield, Calif.

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