Weekly 5: Ways to celebrate after your last final


It can be helpful to plan ways to blow off some steam as this semester’s academic gauntlet comes to a close. Whether you find solace in food or take pleasure in good company, visualizing a release once the stress has passed can provide the motivation to make it through the end. Here are five suggestions that can lead to post-test relief:

1. Indulge a little

“After finals I usually get a treat,” said Rebekah Pierce, a 19-year-old Spanish major from Clackamas, Ore. “I go with my friends to grab ice cream and Dr. Pepper.”

Food plays an important part in our culture and is central in many social interactions. Provo has many unique food spots and eateries that should not be overlooked. It is well known for its surprisingly diverse food scene, especially when it comes to dessert.

2. Find a party

While they may not be overly publicized, BYU has been throwing parties for graduating seniors for decades. It is important to note these parties are intended for graduating seniors and their loved ones. For those who make the invitation list, a school-sponsored party promises a bit of structure to those looking to enjoy themselves.

Reid Jones, 23, a microbiology major from Sandy, plans to attend one such event with his wife.

“They sent an email to all of the seniors saying that they were invited,” Jones said. “I am looking forward to it even though my wife is the one graduating.”

3. Pamper yourself

Stress can play an important role in a student’s quality of life. It can have emotional and physical consequences. As finals wrap up, it is important to find ways to relieve stress both emotionally and physically.

Lot Slade, a 24-year-old statistics major from Eagar, Ariz., plans to find some therapeutic relief as he celebrates the end of finals week.

“A massage,” Slade said. “A refreshing massage. I have always wanted to do it, but I have never had the time until now.”

4. Stay in with someone special

Relationships can cause a fair amount of stress, but when they work out they can be a source of relief. Investing time with someone important can provide relief both during and after stressful periods.

Katie Moosman, 19, an information technology major from New Mexico, plans to share her love of food with her boyfriend.

“I am going to the store to buy tons of junk food, and we will eat it all in one night,” Moosman said.

5. Practice a favorite hobby

Hobbies can provide an outlet for the stress that builds up over the semester or for the frustration that comes when that last final that didn’t go as well as planned.

Carmen Mowrey, a senior from Bothel, Wash., has made a hobby of playing video games. She finds value in alternate realities and the catharsis they can provide.

“If the test goes terribly sometimes video games are the only way to get out that frustration,” Mowrey said. “Shooting zombies (in a video game) can be a great way to take out that stress on something.”

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