3rd Annual Digital Transformation Forum


BYU held its Third Annual Digital Transformation Forum today hosted by the Office of the CIO under J. Kelly Flanagan, the information technology vice president and CIO, March 26.

The forum is held annually to promote awareness and collaboration on a broad range of information and technology issues that affect BYU. Faculty and employees had the opportunity to present current digital technology initiatives at BYU and preview what might be considered for the future.

Members of the campus community came together to see what others are doing with technology and how they’re effectively adapting to change. Flanagan said while there are many positive aspects of new technology, it often requires processes and organizations to change the way they do things.

“While technology can be interesting and useful, we should never adopt it for the sake of the technology but rather because it enhances the work we’re about,” Flanagan said. “For example, technology in the classroom should be used if it enhances the learning process, but not if it detracts.”

The program, commenced by Flanagan, included a keynote address by Frederick Holston, chief technology officer of Intermountain Healthcare and founder of Intermountain Healthcare’s transformation lab. The address was followed by eight-minute lightening talks by faculty and staff members. Topics ranged from virtual campus tours to cyber security. The forum also addressed the student population with a student panel, “View from the Front Lines: What Students Need, Want and Expect.”

Much of the material focused on the power and efficiency of bringing minds together from various disciplines and networks at BYU. Nate Walton and Ann Lambson spoke about the development of an app designed for the Sacred Gifts Exhibition at the Museum of Art.

“It really was collaboration that enabled this project to come together,” Lambson said.

Watch presentations, see slides and get presenter contact information at digitaltransformation.byu.edu.

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