President Dieter F. Uchtdorf: Grateful in any circumstances


President Dieter F. Uchtdorf talked this morning about how to be grateful even in times of trial.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf speaks at the Sunday morning session of General Conference on April 6, 2014.
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf speaks at the Sunday morning session of General Conference on April 6, 2014. (Photo courtesy Mormon Newsroom)

He began his talk by talking about people who deal with sorrows. He talked about how he grieves with them and has pondered what to say to them. Because of their difficulties, he struggled to know exactly what to say to them.

“Sooner or later, I believe that all of us experience times when the very fabric of our world tears at the seam, leaving us feeling alone, frustrated and adrift,” President Uchtdorf said.

President Uchtdorf also said we can be grateful even though everybody goes through different trials. He said that Heavenly Father commands us to be grateful because developing a spirit of gratitude will bring us true joy.

He then said how difficult it may be for people to count their blessings in times of trial. He suggested that people take a different approach to being grateful in times of trial.

“In other words, I’m suggesting that instead of being grateful for things we focus on being thankful in our circumstances—whatever they may be,” Elder Uchtdorf said.

President Uchtdorf then talked about Nephi and Job, who were grateful in their times of trial.

“We can choose to be grateful, no matter what,” President Uchtdorf said.

He talked about how if people remain grateful, it can help them overcome their trials.

“When we are grateful to God in our circumstances, we can experience gentle peace in the midst of tribulation,” President Uchtdorf said.

He shared some insight of people who only wait to be grateful, instead of constantly being grateful.

“How much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow before thanking God there is rain?” President Uchtdorf said.

He said that people don’t have to be grateful about bad circumstances.

“Being grateful in time of distress does not mean that we are pleased with our circumstances,” President Uchtdorf said. “It does mean that through the eyes of faith we look beyond our present-day challenges.”

He talked about how gratitude in trials is part of people’s eternal natures.

“We are eternal being, children of the Almighty God, whose name is Endless and who promises eternal blessings without number,” President Uchtdorf said. “Endings are not our destiny.”

President Ucdtdorf expressed his personal joy about eternal blessings.

“How grateful I am to my Heavenly Father that in His plan there are no true ending, only everlasting beginnings,” President Uchtdorf said.

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