Brother Randall L. Ridd: Admonishing young men to make correct choices


Brother Randall L. Ridd of the Young Men General Presidency spoke to the youth of the Aaronic Priesthood about the importance of their choices.

Brother Randall L. Ridd of the Young Men’s Presidency spoke at the priesthood session of General Conference April 5, 2014. (Photo courtesy of Mormon Newsroom)

Calling the young men the “choice generation,” Brother Ridd said while they are faced with an abundance of choice, that same abundance carries an equal amount of accountability.

Brother Ridd also spoke of the importance of using technology wisely.

“With the click of a button, you can access whatever your heart desires,” he said. “That’s the key — what does your heart desire? What do you gravitate toward? Where will your desires lead?”

Brother Ridd offered four guiding principles in young men’s use of technology.

1. Knowing who you really are makes decisions easier.

2. Plugging into the source of spiritual power every day.

3. Using a smartphone wisely makes you smart.

4. Recognizing that the Lord provides technology to accomplish His purposes in our day.

He further admonished young men to avoid letting technology distract them from what is most important.

“Don’t do dumb things with your smartphone,” he said. “When you are driving, drive. When you are in class, focus on the lesson. When you are with your friends, give them the gift of your attention.”

Brother Ridd closed by testifying that the Lord has given us technology for the divine purpose of hastening the work on the earth and that by using the Internet and social media, members have the potential to influence the entire world for good.

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