BYU’s Got Talent finale awards rock group



Postcard Rail after winning BYU's Got Talent on April 2 (Photo Courtesy Facebook).
Postcard Rail after winning BYU’s Got Talent on April 2. (Photo courtesy Facebook)

Winter semester’s BYU’s Got Talent winner is Postcard Rail, a group of BYU and UVU students who performed a rock edition of “Let it Go,” from Disney’s animated film “Frozen.”

Contestants were drawn from the January, February and March shows to perform at the April 2 final competition. About nine to 10 contestants competed in each of those shows, and only eleven finalists moved on to compete in Wednesday night’s show.

In addition to being declared the talent champion of winter semester, Postcard Rail received a $100 gift card to the BYU Bookstore.

“That was a very appropriate song for today,” said BYU’s Got Talent judge Jodie Skidmore in light of the sudden snowstorm. “I was refreshed by the rock version because a lot of people don’t adapt songs like that anymore.”

Second place and a $50 gift card went to Alex Winder, a journalism student who performed “The Impossible Dream” as part of his musical theater talent.

The judges were impressed with Winders’s choice of music and “fantastic dynamics” that made the crowd cheer with some of the greatest support for the final judging.

In response to a question asked about his impossible dream of marrying Jennifer Lawrence, Winder also proved to be a comedian.

“She’s not here tonight since she’s working hard on ‘Hunger Games 3’ while I’ve been working on this show,” said Winder.

Third place went to “The Heart Strings,” a four-member rock-and-roll band that performed an original piece featuring the fiddle.

BYU’s Got Talent relies on crowd voting with cheers and screams as the final judging on each contestant. Many performers use this opportunity to pass out CDs and gain fan bases at BYU.

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