Groping for ‘comical’ trash


I have overheard several conversations in the past couple of weeks regarding the BYU “groper.” Even more disturbing to me was the comical, light tone associated with the situation — referencing the Twitter account named “BYUGroper” or jokingly mentioning to girls to watch out, or they might “get some.”

What is it about society today that makes us take sad, disturbing situations and try to get as many laughs as possible from them? Why are we determined to make the horrible even worse, in an attempt to quote “lighten the situation”? There is no lightening in that; only adding to the darkness. There is nothing funny about anyone being taken advantage of in any way.

I wonder how Heavenly Father must feel to look down and see one of his sons or daughters in very disturbing situations. Then, he turns to find that his other children have made a laughing-stock of whatever may be going on. If it was your sister would you be laughing? Well, I guess that’s the irony. Because whoever she is — wherever she is — THAT is precisely what she is. Family. Stop groping for trash, people. Because there is already enough lying around.

Sarah McKneely
College Station, Texas

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