What in the WWW?: Donny Osmond inspires ‘Frozen’ moment


The intersection between Disney’s hit musical film “Frozen” and the Mormon community lies with the Osmond family.

A character from “Frozen” hits a high note during the love duet scene, “Love is an Open Door.” The cheery song lends itself to a hidden reference to the singing Osmond family.

Princess Anna’s erstwhile suitor, Prince Hans, uses Donny Osmond’s signature singing move from the 1970s, according to Fashion Times. The connection does not end there. The designer behind the animated move is Donny Osmond’s nephew, Hyrum Osmond.

The scene, "Love is an Open Door," from Disney's "Frozen" references a signature move of Donny Osmond. Photo screen grab from "Frozen."
The scene “Love is an Open Door,” from Disney’s “Frozen,” references a signature move of Donny Osmond. (Photo screen grab from “Frozen”)

After an interview with Hyrum Osmond, Yahoo wrote that the scene “Love is an Open Door” contains “a brief moment where Prince Hans, belting out a high note under a waterfall, closes his eyes and raises his arm in an exact copy of a signature move by ’70s singing sensation Donny Osmond.”

Hyrum Osmond told Yahoo he had spent time in his childhood on the set for the Donny and Marie Show, and he saw the move. As a Disney animator, he put Donny’s move in during Hans’ high note for the world to see.

“I don’t know that he would even recognize it, to be quite honest,” Hyrum Osmond told Yahoo. “I haven’t talked to him about it actually.”

He actually spent most of his three years on “Frozen” designing Olaf the talking snowman. He based the character on a combination of himself and his five-year-old.

“I get that comment that I actually look a bit like Olaf,” Hyrum Osmond told Yahoo. “And that just comes with creating the character and creating those facial expressions.”

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