On-campus laptop rentals


In today’s world, computers are an important part of our lives. We play games on them, finish class projects on them and use them for work. It’s nearly impossible to stay connected in the modern world without Twitter, email or Facebook. In short, computers are a necessary part of nearly every aspect of our lives. BYU has even pushed the technological revolution, making a huge part of its classes’ curriculums available exclusively online, using Learning Suite to keep both students and professors informed and connected.

One of the downsides to the information age, unfortunately, is the expectation of instantaneous information and feedback. This would be absolutely no problem if everyone had their own smartphone and, in the case of homework, their own laptop. A good number of students don’t have their own laptops and have to use the on-campus computer labs, using up time that could have been spent studying by instead traveling to and from campus.

True, BYU does have a laptop rental center, but its location leaves something to be desired. At its current location, the Leo B. Ellsworth building, it is two miles north of campus. I would guess most people are unaware there even is a laptop rental center. Of a student population of 31,060 (based on 2012’s statistics), less than eight percent rent laptops.

I myself currently live one mile south of campus and am car-less. It was quite a trek for me to pick up and return my first laptop rental! It’s about time the university made it more convenient for students looking to rent laptops. I propose that the laptop rental center have a satellite location on campus or be relocated entirely to an on-campus location. Students could pick up laptops before their first class starts or when they’re about to head home. Students could complete assignments with less hassle and with the promptness and efficiency that is expected in our modern age.

We sell stationary in the WILK, and we loan books from the library. Why not rent laptops on campus too?

Brian Edmunds
South Jordan

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