BYU hosts ‘A Man for All Seasons’


BYU is producing a theatrical performance of “A Man for All Seasons” in the Margetts Theatre running  March 7–22 as a story of corruption and conscience collide.

“A Man for All Seasons” began as a film in 1966 and was later adapted for the Broadway stage. From then on it went on to win four Tony Awards and six Academy Awards. BYU has screened the film many times in the library and is now producing the stage adaptation for Provo audiences.

The play tells the story of Sir Thomas More, a Renaissance author, lawyer and humanist who struggled endorsing King Henry VIII’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon to marry Anne Boleyn. More had to decide whether his conscience would suffer too much from keeping quiet about his objections to and the marriage, if death was not worth sticking to his conviction.

The cast featured not only students but faculty from the theatre department. (Photo courtesy BYU Arts)

Set design became an important part of the presentation and the idea of moral convictions. Quotes from More’s letters and publications are written across the walls of the set to hint at the larger issue of the play.

“By subtly presenting the audience with More’s public statements — his words — they are reminded that his actions were firmly motivated by his beliefs,” said Eric Fielding, the set director.

The costumes were also adapted especially for the vision of the BYU student designers.

Writers had the narrator play nine parts to guide viewers throughout the play. (Photo courtesy BYU Arts)

“Originally, this was going to be strictly a period-piece, costume-wise,” said Amy Veronin, one of the two costume designers. “Though it happened long ago … the past doesn’t have to be so unapproachable; we can relate to Thomas More and take away something from his experiences.”

Tickets are $14 with $6 off during weekdays and $5 off weekends with a BYU student ID. Seniors and BYU alumni also receive $2 off.

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