‘A Short and Happy Guide to Being a College Student’


Short and happy guideA renowned law professor has published a book with guidance for college students and anyone facing new situations to succeed academically, personally and professionally.

“A Short and Happy Guide to Being a College Student,” by Paula A. Franzese, is the newest volume in the “Short and Happy Guide” series, published by West Academic Publishing. It was published on March 17 and is now available online. All royalties will go to public interest law fellowships.

Aaron Davis, a student from Fresno, Calif., who has read other books from the Short and Happy Guide series, bought his copy online.

“This series (is) great because it gives us valuable information in a concise way,” Davis said. “Although I am a senior in college, I am enjoying this new book.”

The book began as a set of letters Professor Franzese wrote to her son as he was about to start college. The letters contained motivation and inspiration for him, especially in moments of doubt and fear. As the number of letters grew, the idea came that she should write a book intended for freshmen and any person in an unfamiliar setting.

“If you are feeling intimidated by school or a new job, you are most likely presuming that your classmates or colleagues must be so much smarter than you and the material is so difficult that only the smartest people are able to understand it and work with it,” she wrote in the book. “All of that is nonsense, and you need to get it out of your head right now.”

The book has insights on how to succeed academically with social challenges presented by school. It sets five guideposts for success and advice on how to succeed in class, on exams, at job interviews, at work and in relationships.

Amanda Jones, a senior at Timpview High School who will start at BYU this fall, got the book as a gift from her family.

“I barely started the book, but it seems all the information will be valuable for me,” Jones said.

Franzese is the Peter W. Rodino Professor of Law at Seton Hall Law School and the creator and editor of the “Short and Happy Guide” series. She is nationally renowned for her excellence in teaching and was named “Exemplary Teacher” by the American Association of Higher Education. Recently she was named one of the 26 “best law teachers in the United States.”

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