9 reasons you should care about Ukraine


1. Whether or not Russia is once again the biggest geopolitical threat in the modern world was an issue in the last presidential campaign cycle.

2. Roughly two million people live in Crimea, according to The New York Times.

3. The threatened economic sanctions by the United States and European Union are already affecting international markets, said the Washington Times, and this could impact the U.S. domestic economy.

4. Reuters has called it “the most serious East-West crisis since the end of the Cold War.”

5. A significant number of you served missions Ukraine.

6. An only slightly less significant number of you will serve missions in Ukraine sometime in the next year.

7. An even larger number of you has a roommate, friend or classmate who belongs to the category described in 1., who will occasionally say, “I’ve been so worried about my friends back in ‘the Cream’ and look around knowingly.

8. Those of you fortunate enough to be making a large enough income to pay federal taxes are helping fund the Ukrainian resistance.

9. Crimea is one of the prettiest places in eastern Europe. See?

A girl plays with her dog in Sevastopol, Ukraine. AP photo.
A girl plays with her dog in Sevastopol, Ukraine. AP photo.


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