Men’s fashion trends stepping up their game


Today men are stepping up their game in how they dress every day, according to several professional fashion designers.

Students (Left) Lucas Brook (middle) Taylor Yates (right) posing in stylish outfits from casual, to casual dressy, to dressy. (Photo by: Elliott Miller)
Students (Left) Lucas Brook (middle) Taylor Yates (right) posing in stylish outfits from casual, to casual dressy, to dressy. (Photo by: Elliott Miller)

Walking around BYU there are many different trends and tastes in clothing; professional designers give their input on what is considered classy and what would be good to see more often on men.

“Clean, classy and well thought-out, but doesn’t seek attention,” said Daniel McConkie, manager of operations at H.M. Cole. “In my opinion, the iconic example of good fashion is James Bond. He is always clean, very classy, but never annoying.”

Taylor Yates, co-founder of Lucas Taylor, also expresses his opinion that good men’s fashion is timeless.

“You see a lot of fads and trends that come in and out; those things can be cool, but somebody who is really fashionable, in my mind, is someone who can dress and look in a way that looks good all the time despite the era,” Yates said.

Looking fashionable as a man has become more common. There are different aspects of a man’s outfit that enable him to look classy, and there are different trends that are emerging that allow a broader scope of men to look trendy.

“Men’s fashion is taking a turn for a more tailored look,” said Kara Smith, co-owner of Henry Mack. “Fitted jeans, slim button ups, cuffed jeans, straight — verging on skinny — slacks. Men are upping their game.”

Men’s fashion is emerging fast; however, there are extremes to everything, including being too preppy or just not fashionable. McConkie comments on one rule of thumb: extremes in styles are never good.

“Slim fit is good, but skin-tight isn’t. No break in the pants is okay, but not high waters. A skinny tie works, but not when it is only an inch wide. Be clean and classy, but don’t seek attention.”

The hipster look for men is one that brings slightly more attention; however, there are those who are fans of a certain style of hipster.

“I am personally a fan of the classy hipster look,” said Lucas Brook, co-founder of Lucas Taylor. “Too grungy doesn’t look quite professional and clean enough for me, but the classy hipster look is vintage, timeless, is all about looking nice, and I really appreciate it.”

McConkie summarized what the emerging trend is and that every man could follow. “Just dress up a little.”

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