New BYU president announced

New BYU President Kevin J. Worthen speaks at press conference following President Eyring's announcement. Photo by Sarah Hill.
New BYU President Kevin J Worthen speaks at press conference following President Eyring’s announcement. (Photo by Sarah Hill)

President Henry B. Eyring announced on Tuesday, March 11, that Kevin J Worthen will be the new president of BYU, effective May 1. President Cecil O. Samuelson will be released after nearly 11 years of service to the university.

Incoming President Worthen is the current advancement vice president at BYU and former dean of the law school. Worthen grew up in Dragerton, now East Carbon, and served a mission in Moneterrey, Mexico.

In a press conference following the announcement, President Worthen said, “I don’t anticipate any radical changes. At the same time no one is given this assignment just to maintain the status quo. We’ll keep looking for opportunities to enhance that experience.”

A BYU graduate, President Worthen expressed his love for BYU.

“I’m a BYU guy through and through,” Worthen said. “I went here as an undergraduate. I went here for law school. I love BYU, and I’m a BYU guy.”

Worthen found out about his new position about six weeks ago.

But the real question on everyone’s mind is what happens to “Woosh Cecil.” President Worthen said he’s not interested in changing the tradition to “Woosh Kevin.”

President Eyring announces Kevin J. Worthen as the new BYU president. Photo by Sarah Hill
President Eyring announces Kevin J. Worthen as the new BYU president. (Photo by Sarah Hill)

“That was sort of organic with the students,” Worthen said in the press conference. “It really ought to be associated with President Samuelson.”

President Samuelson was the second-longest serving BYU president after Ernest L. Wilkinson. President Samuelson was called in 2003. He was granted General Authority Emeritus status in the October 2011 general conference.

This story will be updated with more information about the transition and our new president.

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