Cecil O. Samuelson at basketball games


On Monday, President Henry B. Eyring announced that Cecil O. Samuelson will be released as BYU’s president, effective May 1, 2014. Kevin J Worthen, BYU’s incoming president, reassured BYU students in a press conference that “Whoosh Cecil” will not be changing to ‘Whoosh Kevin.’

The slide show above is a tribute to the ‘Whoosh Cecil’ tradition, and below are some pictures of President Samuelson at BYU basketball games.

“Of course it went in. It’s Jimmer.”




“After all these years, the kiss cam never gets old.”

President and Sister Samuelson look at the jumbotron.




“Absent in body, present in spirit.”



“It’s simple! Run the play I called!”


“Just smile and look natural, Sharon.”

President Samuelson and his wife enter the Marriott Center.

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